Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Brandon Browner is a 2x Super Bowl champion, a CFL Grey Cup champion, and a former Pro Bowler. But if you knew none of that and only judged him on his play this season, you may question why he is even in the NFL. That’s what Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe did after seeing Browner in action vs. the Panthers on Sunday. During and after the game, Sharpe blasted Browner on Twitter and said the Saints should just cut him:

Browner, never one to back down from firing back at his critics, then responded and launched a personal shot at Sharpe:

The media-savvy Sharpe then responded and shifted the focus back on Browner’s “terrible play”:

That’s where this beef stands ATM while all of Twitterverse eagerly awaits Browner’s response. This isn’t Browner’s first ‘confrontation’ with a member of the media, but at least this one was confined to social media. Last month Browner had to be restrained by teammates from going after a local Saints reporter in the locker room. Perhaps he should channel some of that aggression and direct it on-field as he’s arguably been the worst player on the worst defense in the league. The Saints are on pace to give up the third most points in NFL history and as one reporter said, ‘the Saints defense is a steroid for every other team’s offense.’ Browner should work more on being a deterrent on the field than a sparer off of it.

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