Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

On Sunday, Grand Street Campus High School in Brooklyn, NY completed a 12-0 season with a PSAL (Public Schools Athletic League) Championship. They defeated Erasmus Hall High School 28-26 in Yankee Stadium to capture the crown. However, the story from the game isn’t the outcome itself, but the fact that Grand Street’s star running back, Rahmel Ashby, was able to play despite being under investigation for attempted murder.

Ashby rushed for 116 yards in the game and was eligible to play because the Brooklyn Department of Education has requirements regarding GPA and attendance, but doesn’t have eligibility guidelines concerning criminal allegations. Thus, if you have failing grades, you can’t play. If you have under 90% class attendance, you can’t play. If you’re being investigated for murder, lace ’em up.

According to NY1, In April 2014 Ashby allegedly fired a gun into a crowd and wounded three people. He was arrested and then released on $50,000 bail. Then, six months later he was arrested again for gun possession and then released on $500,000 bail.

Despite the dark cloud looming over Ashby and Grand Street, his teammates have stood behind him. Quarterback Sharif Harris-Legree said, “We never think about negativity at Grand Street Campus. He’s a great kid, he’s qualified, and he’s our brother.” Cornerback Justin Phillip also weighed in: “We’re just together as a family. With situations like this, we just come closer together as a team.”

Ashby’s lawyer toted the company line by saying his client is innocent until proven guilty. The Brooklyn District Attorney says that Ashby’s murder trial is set for January.

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