Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

For the second straight home game, the Vikings were soundly beaten by a potential NFC playoff team. And after their second straight home defeat, Adrian Peterson has called out the Vikings coaches.

Following the 38-7 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday, Peterson gave credit to the defending NFC champs for their game plan but also took a shot at his own coaches for not being up to par, courtesy of PFT:

“I felt like we were out of sync. Definitely give credit to Seattle; they did a good job of coming in and forcing us to do things differently. They were just the better team. They were more aggressive, more physical, and they outcoached us as well.”

Peterson then channeled his inner-Ezekiel Elliott when asked if he needed more carries (albeit in a much more civil manner):

“What do you think? It is what it is, I’m not going to dwell on it because we have a long season ahead of us. So we’ll come back, get our minds right. Like I said it’s a short week; we have Arizona to think about. They are just as equal of an opponent as Seattle.”

These comments follow Peterson’s from two weeks ago after a home loss to Green Bay. Peterson suggested that everyone within the organization, including the coaches, had to do a better job:

“I think it’s from the top to the bottom. It’s from the coaches on both sides and the players, as well. No matter what position we were in, we had calls, and we didn’t execute on a lot of plays. It came back to hurt us. But it’s the coaches’ job to put us in the best position, as well.”

Despite the job that Mike Zimmer is doing, there is clearly a disconnect between the coaching staff and their best player.

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