Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

After playing a season-high 45 minutes Friday night in an overtime loss to the Pelicans, LeBron James sat out Saturday night for his first DNP of the season. That Saturday game just happened to be against the only fan base who was unhappy that LeBron ‘went home’ last year: that being Miami. The Heat dominated the game throughout, so much so that the fans became a little bored in the second half. Thus, they decided to jab at the man who helped bring them two championships by coming up with a clever chant that I’ve never heard at any game before:

As the play-by-play announcer confirmed, the crowd is chanting “LeBron is tired.” LeBron responded by playing with some rings he had on which seems like a subtle reminder to the fans of the two championship rings he brought to the city.

Also, isn’t it a bit hypocritical for Miami Heat fans to mock an opposing player for resting? I mean, after all, Dwyane Wade takes an average of about 20 “DNPs-rest” per season. Maybe Heat fans will be chanting ‘Wade is tired’ next year if/when D-Wade is playing for another team.

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