Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

What do the grit-and-grind Grizzlies know about playing above the rim? The team that’s best known for it’s archaic style of play with an offense straight out of the 1990s showed that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Memphis was tied with Phoenix at 93 with just 0.8 seconds remaining. With a shot at the rim just about the only option available, the Grizzlies executed beautifully for the game-winning alley-oop:

The pre-pass movement and off-ball screen by Mike Conley are what coaches dream of. You have to credit coach Dave Joerger for selecting Jeff Green as the player on the finishing end of the lob. But, to be honest, Green may be the only Grizzly who can actually dunk. Right Vince?

I guess we really shouldn’t be that surprised that Memphis was able to pull this off as they did the exact same thing last season, albeit it was below the rim. Courtney Lee was also involved in that one but instead of being the inbounder, he was the one finishing:


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