Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Last week Tiger Woods gave one of his most revealing interviews ever with Woods hit on a number of issues ranging from failed relationships to injuries to his future in golf. One thing that really struck golf fans was the fact that Woods seemed almost resigned to the fact that his body will never truly get healthy again and we’ll never see the “old Tiger.” Woods also seemed to be content with the prospect of never winning another major which has been the driving force of his career since day one.

However, the person who’s one more majors than anyone else doesn’t believe Woods is done just yet. Jack Nicklaus recently spoke with and said you can’t count out Woods from reaching his record of 18 majors:

“He has always been a very focused young man with a great work ethic, and is tremendously talented. To count him out of that (the majors record) would be foolish, he certainly has a very good chance of doing that.”

Perhaps the biggest thing that’s been holding Woods back over the past few years are the myriad of injuries he’s suffered. Nicklaus also said he’s reached out to Woods to try and help him deal with his injuries:

“I said to Tiger no one wants to see their records broken, but I would want you to be healthy. I’ve tried to help him with some of the people who helped me in my career..If you are injured you can’t prepare properly for tournaments, and if you don’t prepare you won’t be able to compete in modern sports because the standards are so high…I fully expect Tiger to return to come back to play well and be a good competitive force in the game, but it does make me sad to see Tiger or any of our athletes struggle with health. I think Tiger has struggled a lot with his health of late, and nobody likes that.”

By the time the 2016 Masters rolls around, it will have been nearly eight years since Woods’ last majors victory. 11 years will have passed since his last victory at Augusta. And all of this is assuming that Woods will be healthy enough to actually play which is just as big a hurdle as the majors record.

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