Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

A few years ago when Chad Johnson was a Bengal, he made the bold decision to leap into the Dawg Pound, the famous fan section of the Cleveland Browns. Johnson was then pelted with beers and who knows what else and shoved out by Browns fans. Today, another Bengal decided to follow in Johnson’s footsteps albeit in a different part of the Dawg Pound.

After Jeremy Hill scored a touchdown, he smartly sought out some Bengals fans in the Dawg Pound and leapt into their waiting arms:

However, Browns’ linebacker Christian Kirksey wasn’t too happy with Hill’s celebration and he pulled Hill down. The two then got into a little scuffle before being separated by a ref:

To add insult to insult, Kirksey would be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct to go along with the 37-3 beatdown at the hands of their in-state rivals.

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