Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

It has been a maddeningly frustrating season for the Texas Longhorns. They’ve somehow endured after their early-season embarrassments, Charlie Strong flirting with Miami, and Kris Boyd stating his desire to transfer during the middle of a game. Their season finally came to an end with a victory over Baylor but not before a benches-clearing brawl erupted after a Longhorns interception:

In terms of football brawls, this was a pretty good one even though there wasn’t much action. However, one Texas player, apparently, wanted some action as he did a fare share of posturing and shadowboxing about 10 yards away from the actual scuffle. Check out Texas freshman Jermaine Roberts Jr. during the brawl:

The caption for that vine is just great. Roberts assumes the orthodox fighting stance, puts his dukes up, and proceeds to backpedal from the action. Then, just as some Baylor players start heading in his direction, he quickly puts his helmet back on. Perhaps he saw Baylor’s Shawn Oakman and LaQuan McGowan headed his way and if that’s the case, I don’t blame him.

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