Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Saturday will mark a momentous occasion for Pau Gasol as his Bulls take on the Hornets. It will be Gasol’s 1000th NBA game which is quite an accomplishment and something that just 11 other international players have achieved. One of those 11 is Dirk Nowitzki and he “congratulated” Gasol in the most epic way possible.

Gasol started it off by asking his Twitter followers to tweet him their favorite play of his career. The winner would even receive a prize:

That’s when Nowitzki jumped in and posted a video of his favorite Pau Gasol play which just happened to be him getting posterized last season:

Gasol had a good sense of humor with it all while Nowitzki wondered what prize he (deservedly) won:

Classic Dirk humor. Perhaps the only thing missing was Gasol responding with this video instead:

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