Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Remember back in the late 90s the amount of excitement that Mark McGwire would generate before a game even started? He would put on home run exhibitions during pregame batting practice and fans would flock to the stadium early just to catch a glimpse of the show. Well the NBA equivalent to a Mark McGwire BP session is undoubtedly a Steph Curry pregame warmup and the Warriors have noticed.

According to Ben Cohen of the Wall Street Journal, the Warriors are thinking about opening Oracle Arena a half-hour earlier than usual to allow fans to view Curry’s full pregame routine. The doors normally open 90 minutes before a game but the team may, instead, open them two hours before tip time and show Curry on the scoreboard as he goes through his drills.

Before the game begins, Curry puts on a dribbling exhibition (often with more than one basketball), takes shots from the Warriors’ tunnel, and, of course, the myriad of jumpshots that often stretch well beyond the three-point line. Assistant coach Bruce Fraser certainly sees the appeal in fans wanting to see more of Curry:

“You see some unbelievable shots in the game, but if you want to see pure shooting at its finest, I’d come and watch him shoot. I’m not trying to sell it. We don’t need more distraction. But the reality is who wouldn’t want to come see that at some point in their lives?”

The Warriors released a cool 360-degree video of Curry’s pregame dribbling routine that you can view below. You can rotate the point of view by clicking anywhere on the video and rotating the view.


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