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Matt Stafford is a pretty standard quote. He won’t ruffle any feathers and will generally give PR-friendly responses and answers to questions. He also avoids social media and the dangers that that can cause.

Kelly Stafford is no Matt Stafford.

Kelly, who is Matt’s wife, isn’t shy about letting her feelings known and for the third time this season she voiced her displeasure on her Instagram account. After the Lions’ stunning Hail Mary-loss to the Packers, which followed a questionable facemask penalty; Mrs. Stafford took to IG to let everyone know what she thought about the series of events:

At least my brother was here to see us get screwed per the usual. #detroitvseverybody

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The caption says: “At least my brother was here to see us get screwed per the usual. #detroitvseverybody”

This is a somewhat indirect shot at the NFL and the officials for calling a penalty on the facemask which may not have actually been a facemask. Kelly was much more direct in some previous posts sent this season. After the infamous batted-ball-loss to Seattle, Kelly blasted the NFL refs and called them incompetent in a since-deleted post. Then, after a report by Ian Rapoport that the Lions’ former OC Joe Lombardi had to basically “dumb-down” the offense for Matt; Kelly was quick to jump to her husband’s defense and called Lombardi “desperate” for insulting Matt’s intelligence.

Makes you wonder if Kelly is just saying exactly what Matt is thinking but doesn’t have the liberty to actually say.

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