Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

If you thought this current era of the Detroit Lions was a cluster—-, let me take you back to the Matt Millen era. From 2001-2008 Millen was the GM of the Lions and produced a 31-81 record, never had a winning season, and never made the playoffs. He was fired early in the 2008 season, also known as the season the Lions went 0-16. Prior to his role with the Lions, Millen had no previous experience in a front office or with player personnel and development. Millen’s reign makes Martin Mayhew’s look like the second coming of Bill Polian.

Today, Millen is an analyst for FOX Sports. He was on-hand for the Bucs-Colts game on Sunday and offered an apology to Detroit fans and an admittance that was already presumed:



Feel better, Detroit? Probably not, but at least you’ve got #cooterball.

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