Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

There’s been some strange things unearthed in the depths of baseball dugouts, but this is definitely a first.

The Portland Sea Dogs are a Double-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. They are located in Portland, Maine and many of the big-league players make pit stops there while rehabbing. Now that I’ve gotten all of the necessary wiki information out of the way, let me get to the real point of this story: the Sea Dogs have a toilet in their dugout. Take a look for yourself:

It’s not a five-star luxury bathroom but I’m sure it gets the job done. I’m sure the players appreciate as they don’t have to trek all the way to the clubhouse to relieve themselves. However, I doubt the fans close by appreciate it because…well you could imagine why.

Nonetheless, this is quite the accessory for a minor league dugout. The toilet even won the MILB award for “Best Toilet” but I doubt there was any competition.

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