Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

As a redhead, Matt Bonner has heard all of the jokes. The Spurs’ marksman who’s affectionately known as the “Red Rocket” (or DJ Red Mamba if you’re nasty), knows what Andy Dalton went through after Monday Night Football when JJ Watt made him the butt of a red joke. If you recall, Watt said he wanted to make the “Red Rifle” look like the “Red Ryder BB Gun”. Dalton then overreacted to the comment but both Dalton and Watt quickly squashed the beef.

While the two principal actors may want to put it to bed, Bonner decided to give his two cents on the Watt comment. Here is what he told USA Today:

“Honestly I think that’s a pretty good zinger. I think when you grow up with red hair you learn to have a sense of humor. There’s a ton of redheaded stand-up comedians.”

That response is basically the one that Dalton should have had Monday night. But perhaps, Bonner is playing to both sides as not to anger anyone in Texas. Bonner plays in San Antonio, Watt plays in Houston, and Dalton is from Katy and went to TCU so Bonner made the smart political statement. There may be a ton of redheaded comedians but are there a ton of redheaded politicians?

On a side note, in the USA Today article, Bonner was asked about being trash-talked due to his red hair. His response was likely something all redheads can relate to:

“No one really trash talks to me on the court … fans like to heckle but usually it’s not about the hair as much as about ‘Hey Donner get a tan.’ And it’s like I can’t really get a tan, I’ll get a sunburn because I have red hair so your insult doesn’t make sense.”

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