Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

We already knew that LeBron James could sing. And by sing I mean imitate Prince with his own rendition of Purple Rain. But can LeBron dance? Can Kevin Love dance? Do we want to see Kevin Love dance? In the words of WWE’s Daniel Bryan: “YES! YES! YES!”

LBJ, K-Love and the rest of the Cavaliers created their own edition of Soul Train for a Cavs throwback night. For you youngsters unfamiliar with Soul Train, first see this, and then this. The Cavs re-created the legendary Soul Train Line and showed off their best moves in their worst ’70s outfits…Or in the case of JR Smith, his normal wardrobe:

Some notes from the video:
-LeBron and Kevin Love never danced together
-Every hairstyle Anderson Varejao has ever had would fit in with this video; no wig needed
-Iman Shumpert has a wardrobe from the ’70s, a hairstyle from the ’80s, and dance moves from the ’90s
-More Mozgov needed
-Kyrie Irving tore three ACLs during his solo performance

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