By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

Alabama head coach Nick Saban has well, let’s say a prickly relationship with the media. He doesn’t ever seem to enjoy doing press conferences and isn’t afraid to speak his mind when he thinks the media is being unfair in their questioning. In this week’s edition of Saban gets mad and rants at the media, the Tide head coach took a question about Charleston Southern’s QB and ran with it. Enjoy.

(Warning:Video contains some NSFW language)

What does any of that has to do with the original legitimate question about the opponent’s quarterback? No idea. But, clearly Saban had been psyching himself up for this week by imagining that the media is just assuming this game will be a cake walk for the Tide. To be fair, he’s probably right about that. But, at the same time, Charleston Southern isn’t exactly the most formidable opponent the Tide has played.

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