Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

It’s certainly not on the same scale as the Washington Redskins’ team name; but a man has created a petition to rename Lee High School in San Antonio, TX due to Robert E. Lee’s link to the Confederacy. The new name suggested: Popovich High School, and obvious ode to the greatest coach in San Antonio sports’ history, the Spurs’ Gregg Popovich.

The petition was created by Emmanuel Casasola who graduated from the school in 2002. He started this petition and was looking for 1000 signatures and as of Thursday afternoon it had garnered nearly 1,700 signatures. Amongst the pitches he made for the change are Popovich’s ties to the community and his commitment to service:

He has been instrumental in creating an organizational culture in the Spurs which is the envy of the entire NBA. His capacity for leadership, personnel development, and work ethic should be something we teach our kids to strive for and should be honored. He is also a graduate of the Air Force Academy and will serve as the US national team coach for the next Olympic cycle.

Popovich got wind of the petition and gave his response to My San Antonio in a manner that could only be described as Popovichian:

“You got to be kidding. Are you serious? I would hope that you would use all your muscle or whatever you have to squash that ridiculous idea as soon as humanly possible. Can you please do that for me? Squash that ridiculous idea right now. That is laughable.

When I first read the above quote, I thought it was just Popovich being Popovich and he was saying that tongue-in-cheek. But then he followed up with this quote which indicates that he is really against this idea:

“It’s probably the obsession America has with celebrity. If you reach any level of celebrity, there is going to be somebody who is going to take it too far, attach to you qualities that are not there, or glory you don’t deserve, that kind of crap. It happens all the time.”

And that pretty much squashes the idea of Popovich High? Maybe Duncan High will have better luck?

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