Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Russell Wilson didn’t have the greatest of performances on Sunday Night Football’s loss to the Cardinals. Actually, that’s being too nice; Wilson was horrible and the numbers back that up. He posted a QBR of 13.8 in the game which is the second lowest mark in a game over his four year career. Ironically, or rather coincidentally, his only performance worst than last night’s was also against the Cardinals in 2013.

As Ronda Rousey and Peyton Manning found out, the world of social media will be the first to let you know just how bad you are. Wilson didn’t reach the depths of those two, but he still heard about it from the Twitterverse. One person in particular, who also just happens to be teammate Marshawn Lynch’s agent, wasn’t shy in expressing his displeasure to Wilson:

Of course, it was shortly deleted afterwords but nothing ever really disappears Men In Black-style from the internet.

If you recall, this isn’t the first time someone from Lynch’s camp has spoken out against a member of the Seahawks. Earlier this year, Marshawn’s mom ripped into OC Darrell Bevell on Facebook over his play-calling. She said Bevell should have been fired after the Super Bowl and called him ‘the worst playcaller ever’.

With Marshawn being notoriously tight-lipped (with the media), you have to wonder if he’s using people close to him as his mouthpiece and saying what he can’t/won’t say.

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