Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

The Golden State Warriors have blitzed the NBA with an 11-0 start that is, statistically, the greatest team start in NBA history. People are already discussing if they can win 70 games and even challenge the 1995-96 Bulls who posted a 72-10 record, the best in NBA history. One person who’s heard enough of that talk is Ron Harper who was a starter on that Bulls team and won three of his five titles in Chicago.

Harper responded to a fan on twitter who speculated on if these Warriors could match those Bulls:

He then threw some shade on the current era of basketball and their “lax” rules by stating that his ’96 Bulls would win 78 games with today’s rules:

After DubNation made their presence felt on social media and bombarded Harper with tweets of dissent; Harper relented and said the Warriors might get two games:

There is one link between that ’96 Bulls team and this current Warriors team and that is Steve Kerr. Last year after a 16 game win streak put the Warriors’ record at 21-2, Kerr was asked if the Warriors could reach the 72 win mark. His response was just as clear and decisive as his former teammate Harper’s:

“Oh God, no. No!…We had this guy named Michael Jordan on that team…What I remember that year is there were about 10 games where Michael just decided, ‘We’re going to win’. And every other team on Earth would have lost those 10 games…He wanted to break that Lakers record of 69 wins, so he decided we would do it, so we did it. There’s only one Michael.”

So the coach of the Warriors said the obvious: there’s no one on his squad who can match the will power of Michael Jordan.

Debate settled.

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