Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Some NBA coaches spend the entire 48 minutes of a game shouting from the sidelines. Whether they are yelling at their own players, yelling at the refs, or even yelling at the scorer’s table; it’s no surprise that many basketball coaches lose their voices. Tom Thibodeau and Doc Rivers, in particular, come to mind but with Thibs fired by the Bulls, we’re just left with Doc’s hoarse echoes.

Jamie Foxx, who lives in LA and has been to a couple of Clippers games, gets to hear Doc’s voice quite often from his courtside seats. So much so that the actor/comedian can pull off a spot-on impression of the Clippers’ coach. In the above video, courtesy of Campus Sports, Rivers imitates Doc’s shouting during a game and even does an impression of Doc ordering McDonald’s.

If that’s not enough for you, here is another clip of Foxx doing his best ‘Doc Rivers’ and once again he reminds us that “It’s not Blake’s fault.”

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