Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

With Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors blitzing the league in unparalleled levels, the league MVP was recently asked if he could ever approach Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 100 points. In an interview with Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports, Curry speculated on that number, and perhaps set up a new challenge for himself:

“It’s a different game today. I don’t know how many shots he got up. He didn’t have a three-point line. A hundred? That would be tough. If I played the whole game, if I shot like I did in New Orleans and played a full 48, maybe got 20 more shots up, might’ve got 75-ish. That’s shooting the ball really well, too. A hundred, probably not…There are certain nights when you get going, if it’s a close game or something and I play a lot of minutes, who knows what happens?”

The New Orleans game he was referring to was this year’s season opener when he scored 53 in 36 minutes. (He also had nine assists in the game for those of you thinking he went into Kobe-mode).

The fact that Curry didn’t start rolling on the floor in laughter when asked if he get to 100 tells me that he at least things it’s within the realm of possibility. When Wilt scored 100 he took 63 field goal attempts and teammates were passing up open shots just to feed him the ball. It’s basically a full-game replica of Curry’s teammate Klay Thompson going for an NBA-record 37 points in one quarter last season. Curry’s career high is 54 points on 28 field goal attempts. He could theoretically double his shots, still have fewer than Wilt’s 63 FGAs, and finish with over 100 points. It would certainly take concessions from his teammates and some Toronto Raptors-circa-2006-level defense, but it’s not totally impossible, and that in itself is amazing.

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