Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

In this week’s episode of ‘Gronk Says The Darndest Things’, the Patriots’ tight end boasts his skills at potentially being a punt returner.

But before we get to Rob Gronkowski’s comments, we first have to look at what Julian Edelman said about his teammate last week to NESN. Edelman’s description of watching defenders trying to tackle Gronk is probably similar to how many fans see it as well:

“I’ve said it before: It looks like an eighth-grader going against second-graders out there, when guys are trying to bring him down. He never goes down with one guy. He’s just a beast, you know?”

That high praise prompted Gronk to return the favor to Edelman, and also led him to predict what he would be like as a punt returner:

(Edelman’s) not just an unbelievable receiver out there. The skills he has at punt returning and returning the kick is what I like seeing him (do most). It’s the most impressive to me, is him making everyone miss out there…I always wanted (to be a punt returner). I think if I got some room and caught it on the move, I think I could do some damage. Just don’t let me catch it when there’s already 100 guys around. I need to be on my wheels already.”

This is the part where I wish I could embed some video of Gronk from high school or college as a punt returner, but sadly, he really has never fielded a punt. But perhaps these comments make their way to Bill Belichick and he’s gives Gronk a shot back there (doubtful). Gronk says he wouldn’t want to field a punt with defenders already around him but imagine being a defender for a second: if you’re a gunner on punt coverage, you may think twice about trying to blow up a 6’6″ 265 lb returner like you would if you saw an Edelman-sized returner.

Bill, make it happen!

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