Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Pride in you school never dies.

Take for example Plaxico Burress. The former Steeler/Giant/Jet is 15 years removed from playing at Michigan State but he was incredulous like many other Spartan fans following the team’s loss to Nebraska. Burress was upset at this game-winning play, specifically:

The refs ruled that the Nebraska receiver was forced out of bounds, thus allowing the catch to stand. Burress then took to Twitter to express his frustration with all of humanity:

I hope Plax didn’t have any plans of ever working for the Big Ten or the NCAA because he just incinerated any existing bridges with those entities.

These tweets are only about half of Burress’ actual tweets related to the ending of the game. There are SEVERAL NSFW tweets on his page as well that you can check out yourself.

In case you’re wondering what Burress’ reaction was after the crazy ending in the Michigan State-Michigan game; it was much more demure:

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