Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

While DeflateGate seems to get revived with something new every few weeks; most thought that BountyGate died about three years ago. However, Vikings’ coach Mike Zimmer just reminded everyone of it.

During the Vikings overtime win over the Rams, Teddy Bridgewater took an elbow to the head while sliding from LaMarcus Joyner. Bridgewater would be diagnosed with a concussion and would exit the game in the second half. Here is the play:

It was clearly a dirty play and Joyner was flagged but the damage was done and the Vikings had to turn to backup Shaun Hill. After the game Zimmer and Rams coach Jeff Fisher had a postgame “handshake” that was akin to Belichick-Mangini or Harbaugh-Jim Schwartz. Zimmer then took to the podium and addressed the play and the overall aggressiveness of the Rams:

That press conference basically can be summed up in three Zimmer quotes:

“We played clean on our side of the ball.”

“If we were on the street we probably would have had a fight.” – When describing the emotions of his sideline after the hit.

“There is a history there with their defensive coordinator and I’ll leave it at that.”

The DC he is referring to is Gregg Williams, the architect of BountyGate with the Saints. After being suspended for his role in the scandal in 2012, Williams was brought over to St. Louis by his former Titans boss, Fisher, to be the defensive coordinator in 2014. Zimmer’s comments are sure to perk the ears of the league office and they may look a little more closely at the events in this game. While I certainly don’t think there was a “bounty” placed on Bridgewater, Joyner’s hit was definitely dirty and he can expect a fine from the league.

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