Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Over the past few weeks the Detroit Lions have fired their offensive coordinator, two offensive line assistants, general manager, and team president. Two people who they have not replaced, at least for now, are head coach Jim Caldwell and quarterback Matt Stafford. While Caldwell has re-iterated the company line over and over again, Stafford hasn’t said much about the changes or his possibly tenuous future with the team. However, another Stafford has decided to speak up; that being Matt’s wife, Kelly.

Kelly recently took to Instagram to give her two cents on a recent report by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. Rapoport basically put the firing of the Lions’ former OC, Joe Lombardi, on Stafford by saying the coach didn’t think Stafford had the cognitive skills and intelligence to digest the full offense:

“I’m also told that Joe Lombardi, the former offensive coordinator, was frustrated that he couldn’t put enough on Stafford’s plate, did not think he was able to handle it, was not taking as much control of the offense as the coaching staff wanted…In fact, new offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter actually had to simplify things for Stafford. All of which, in part, leads to the conclusion that Stafford’s days in Detroit are very much numbered.”

That report upset Lions’ backup Dan Orlovsky which prompted him to defend Stafford’s intelligence in a tweet to Rapoport. Then Kelly enters in and re-posts Orlovsky’s tweet to Rapoport and she weighs in on his report about her husband’s intelligence:

#wonderlic38 refers to the score Matt achieved on the Wonderlic test at the 2009 NFL combine. Among QBs, that score only trails Ryan Fitzpatrick (48), Blaine Gabbert (42), and Alex Smith (40). It’s fair to at least wonder if Kelly is acting as Matt’s mouthpiece and simply saying what he can’t say, at least publicly.

This isn’t the first time that Kelly has taken to social media to express her displeasure with a situation. Back in October, after the infamous “batted ball” controversy at the end of the Lions-Seahawks game, Kelly went after the NFL referees in that game for their incorrect ruling on that play. After Matt sent her a text saying he might get fined for wearing the wrong-colored cleats, Kelly responded with the text: “Tell the league that they can fine u for your cleats if we can fine them for their incompetent refs.” She then uploaded a screenshot of the conversation to her Instagram account before deleted it. But you can still view screenshots of the entire exchange here.

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