Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

By now, Steph Curry’s handles have become almost as infamous as his jumpshot. He’s put on dribbling displays during the middle of games that sometimes makes you wonder if he’s doing this just because he gets bored with the mundane aspects of the game. He also has his usual pre-game dribbling routine in which he dribbles two balls simultaneously between his legs. If unfamiliar with this routine, see below:

Well all of this fancy dribbling ability didn’t just come from nowhere; Curry put in the work to master this part of the game. Recently during a Warriors practice, CSN cameras filmed Curry going through an entirely different dribbling drill – one that involves just one basketball, but is arguably even more difficult than his pregame routine:

It takes amazing hand-eye coordination and left brain/right brain functionality to pull this off. He catches and throws back two different smaller balls with one hand while maintaining his basketball dribbling with the other hand. Oh, and those shades? Those are special goggles that alter his vision in order to increase the difficulty of this drill. Because, you know, the drill, itself, wasn’t hard enough.

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