Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

Whether your a Mets fan, Royals fan, Dodgers or a fan of any other team, all fans need to unite and thank Lorenzo Cain for giving the American people the gift of a free Taco Bell AM Crunchwrap tomorrow morning.

If you remember correctly, Taco Bell launched a campaign that promised to give everyone a free AM Crunchwrap on Nov. 5 if any player stole a base in Game 1 and 2 of the 2015 World Series.

In the bottom of the 6th inning of Game 1, Cain stole second base, earning him the adoration of American breakfast eaters everywhere.

After the game, Cain even acknowledged winning the world a free breakfast when speaking to reporters.

So rejoice America, and claim what’s rightfully yours: a free Taco Bell AM Crunchwrap. And remember to thank Lorenzo Cain when you take a bite of that beautiful breakfast burrito type thingy.

Bryan Altman is, for some reason, an unabashed fan of the Rangers, Jets and Mets. If he absolutely had to pick a basketball team it would be the Knicks, but he’d gladly trade them for just one championship for either of his other three teams.

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