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Halloween is a great time for everyone, but especially so for athletes. These multi-millionaires get to play dress up and act like kids again. Over the past week we’ve seen many athletes’ costumes ranging from Dirk Nowitzki as Lurch to a Paralympic skier as an IHOP sign. Dirk’s was apropos while the skier’s was just plain clever; however Iman Shumpert’s recent costume was…um…I’m struggling to find the words to describe this:

Yes, that’s Shumpert on the left, standing next to Teyana Taylor whom he is romantically involved with. Shump is dressed as Lollipop from the “Friday After Next” movie. Shumpert definitely understands the spirit of Halloween as evident by his comment, “If I’m going to dress up in going to embarrass myself for sure!”

If you can manage to take your eyes off Lollipop for a second, you may notice that Kevin Love is also in the picture dressed as Jackie Moon from Semi-Pro. We finally figured out why K-Love has been growing his hair out; he wanted to pull off the perfect costume for Halloween. Now that’s dedication.

And, or course, we can’t talk about Cavs players without talking about assistant GM LeBron James. LeBron brought out the Jheri Curl and his singing voice to dress up as Prince and perform “Purple Rain.” A true connoisseur to his craft, no lip-synching was used by ‘Purple James’:

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