By Jamal Murphy

It is late October, a busy time in the world of sports.

The World Series is in full swing (at least for the Kansas City Royals), the NBA season is again upon us, and, believe it or not, the NFL has reached the halfway point of its regular season.

The Royals arrived in New York on Tuesday with a 2-0 series lead over the Mets, having beheaded (you’ll hear what I mean) the best of the Amazins’ young, ultra-talented pitching staff.

Are the Mets dead, or do they have what it takes to win four of the next five games and pull off a miracle reminiscent of 1986?

The New York Knicks, about six months removed from a historically miserable season, looked shockingly good in their 2015 opener in Milwaukee. Does it mean anything, or are the Knicks destined for another season of embarrassment?

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Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots are undefeated and are once again the class of the National Football League.

Can they go undefeated? Or did the Jets’ performance against them last week give the rest of the league hope?

These are just a few of the questions that legendary New York Times reporter Bill Rhoden addresses with me on the latest Bill Rhoden On Sports podcast.

I share comments from New York Giants’ wide receiver Victor Cruz at the screening of his upcoming documentary, I Am Giant. Listen to what he has to say about his delayed return from major knee surgery and whether he expects criticism for focusing on something other than football.

We also discuss the Knicks’ chances of actually having a decent season, the greatness of Tom Brady and the toughness of the Royals.

Finally, Bill expresses displeasure at what he perceives to be media bias towards the Mets and unfairness towards the Latin players in the series.

Bill implores those covering the Fall Classic to “just be fair and we’ll all be better as a people and we can enjoy the World Series.”

Sounds like something we all can agree on.

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