Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Apparently pulling off trick-shots in golf is an actual competition. Well, it’s an ‘unofficial’ competition organized by The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive TV show. The week’s contest involves the University of Florida Golf Team and the University of Georgia Golf Team, which just so happens to coincide with the annual football game between the two schools being played on Saturday.

But before the action gets underway on the gridiron, the links were the setting for this intense rivalry. Florida put together a highly-synchronized trick shot video complete with (literally) smashing pumpkins with a ‘G’ on them. But the highlight of the video was undoubtedly a golfer driving a football roughly 50 yards with perfect accuracy:

Hitting that football into the netting may be more difficult than holing a golf ball from the same distance. If only Florida kickers had the same touch on their kicks.

In a matter of equal opportunity, the Georgia trick shot video is below but it’s going to be hard to top what Florida pulled off.

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