Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

Everybody has that one friend that’s super into Halloween and always tries to trump last year’s costume every October 31st. Paralympic skier Josh Sundquist is one of those guys, and his costumes from year-to-year never lack in ingenuity and hilarity.

Sundquist, who was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of nine and was only given a 50 percent chance to live, had his left leg amputated to treat the illness and was declared cancer free at age 13.

For each of his Halloween costumes, Sundquist has readily embraced his missing limb and has incorporated it into his costumes. For example, in 2010 he went as a ginger bread man who had his leg bitten off and in 2014 he went as a foosball player.

This year, Sundquist went as an IHop sign, a not-so-subtle allusion to his amputee status.

In addition to his awesome Halloween costumes and inspiring and light-hearted approach to dealing with his traumatic amputation, Sundquist made the U.S. Paralympic team in 2006.

Now, he’s a motivational speaker and an author as well.

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