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If you’ve ever played golf you probably know these two facts about golf balls to be true: They’re easy to lose, and they’re pretty expensive. For the uninitiated, a sleeve of golf balls (three balls) will typically run you anywhere between $6 on the low end and anywhere from $15-20 on the high end of the spectrum, which would be reasonable if most golfers didn’t lose three or more balls on average per round.

A quick walk in the woods at your local course will probably yield you two to three balls that were lost by other unfortunate hackers. And can you imagine how many balls find their way to the bottom of the man-made lakes and rivers and other bodies of water near golf courses?

Well, one guy can, and his full time job is diving into these bodies of water and drudging up these golf balls to resell on the secondary market.

Seems like a pretty menial job for some mediocre pay, right?

Wrong. Glenn Berger claims that he’s made roughly $15 million diving for golf balls at golf courses over the last 14 years.

Don’t believe him? Luke Kerr-Dineen of USA Today’s For The Win broke down some of the numbers, and it looks like Berger’s claims might actually check out.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘I’m giving my two weeks notice and going golf ball hunting.’ Not so fast.

First of all, as Berger mentioned, you need to acquire the rights to search for balls on the course’s property. Then of course there are the other issues that Berger said he’s encountered before: snakes and alligators.

Here’s what Berger had to say on the matter when he spoke to the Tampa Bay Times back in 2010.

“Typically they’ll float over me while I’m on the bottom,” Berger said. “They’re curious, especially the smaller ones, and they’ll dive down and bump me on the tank just to see what I am.”

“One time I felt my arm in an alligator’s mouth,” he says. “I couldn’t see anything, but I almost flew out of the water. There was no blood, so I think the gator just mouthed me without biting down.”

Still want to go diving for golf balls for a living? Didn’t think so.

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