Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

After 15 years and 184 goals playing for the U.S. Women’s national soccer team (USWNT), the face of women’s soccer in America, Abby Wambach, is calling it a career. Wambach made the announcement this afternoon through the national team’s website, stating that “after much deliberation” she came to the decision to retire.

Here’s her statement from the national team’s website:

“After much deliberation and talking with my friends, family, teammates and our coaching staff, I’ve decided to finally bring my soccer career to an end,” said Wambach. “While we still have more work to do for women’s soccer, after bringing the World Cup back to the United States this summer, I’m feeling extremely optimistic about the future of our sport. It’s been an amazing, wonderful ride and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter of my life brings.” 

Wambach retires as the greatest American player in women’s history and arguably one of the best in the world. Her 184 international goals are the most in men and women’s history and Wambach’s 14 career World Cup goals are the second most in women’s history behind Marta, the famous Brazilian soccer star.

Additionally, Wambach won two gold medals with the women’s national team in 2004 in Greece and 2012 in London.

Wambach will play in the team’s four games schedule for December with her final game coming on Dec. 16 against China PR in New Orleans.

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