By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

The Buffalo Bills lost 34-31 to the Jacksonville Jaguars in London yesterday, the first game ever to be exclusively live streamed on the Internet. The Bills made a furious second half comeback after digging themselves a 27-3 hole, but came up just short.

After the game, head coach Rex Ryan complained in his press conference that there were communication problems between offensive coordinator Greg Roman and QB EJ Manuel with static in the QB’s headset.

“I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. But this one was absolutely miserable. I mean, it’s unacceptable is what it is,” Ryan said. “I wouldn’t say it was the entire game, but it was a majority of the game. It was unbelievable. Had everything — static, you couldn’t hear anything. A frustrating time obviously in those circumstances. That’s why you saw EJ having to come and run over to get the call with Greg trying to yell it into him quite a few times.”

It turns out that the issues were self-inflicted. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, the headset wasn’t working properly because the Bills weren’t using fully charged batteries. Once the batteries had been replaced the problems stopped.

In case you’re wondering if any kind of Battery-Gate is coming, the answer is no because the responsibility to check the batteries falls on the team.

Ryan Mayer is an Associate Producer for CBS Local Sports. Ryan lives in NY but comes from Philly and life as a Philly sports fan has made him cynical. Anywhere sports are being discussed, that’s where you’ll find him.