Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

The NBA season typically starts in late October as it does this year on October 27. With the season being underway by the time Halloween rolls around, players don’t get the luxury of celebrating the occasion. Thus, they typically move their Halloween parties and celebrations a week up and this year was no different. Many players and teams held Halloween parties this past week and, fortunately for all of us, they shared pictures of the events on social media. Here are some of the scenes from NBA Halloween parties involving the Thunder and the Mavericks:

As if The Joker wasn’t creepy enough, now we get a 7-foot, 250 lb New Zealander joker in Steven Adams…standing next to Russell Westbrook as Steven Adams:

Mitch McGary with his best Dodgeball costume and Nick Collison as Forrest Gump:

Apparently that’s Steve Novak dressed as Bigfoot and two assistant coaches pulled off Harry and Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber:

Kevin Durant stopped ‘beefing’ with Steven A. Smith just long enough to dress up as Martin Lawrence from ‘Blue Streak’:

The Thunder weren’t the only ones to dress up as somewhere in Dallas Dirk Nowitzki pulled off a pretty good Lurch:

Jeremy Evans is available if DC Comics ever needs a 6’9″ Batman:

Leave it to Chandler Parsons to bare some midriff:

Finally a bonus costume: 2014 Olympic hockey hero TJ Oshie:

In case you’re wondering, TJ is the one on the leash.

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