Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

When it comes to fantasy football among NFL players, there are two groups: one is an active participant just like millions of fans and the other, like CJ Anderson, absolutely despise it. But perhaps there’s now a third group: investors of fantasy sites which is exactly what Lions safety Glover Quin is. Quin has a stake in the two biggest fantasy sports companies: DraftKings and FanDuel. However, just because he’s an investor, doesn’t necessarily means he plays fantasy football. Here is what Quin told the Detroit Free Press:

“I don’t have nothing against it. I actually support fantasy football. I really support FanDuel. I really support DraftKings. I really do. In great ways. I just don’t play it right now because I play. When I’m done playing, I may play…Fantasy’s a huge thing and a bunch of people play it and everybody plays it, and FanDuel and DraftKings are two, like, companies that are blowing it up right now.”

Quin wouldn’t say how much he’s invested in the companies but he did say that his investments are “doing great.” He also says he doesn’t give out advice on who to start/sit and the minutiae of the game:

“I shut that trash down. Don’t ask me questions about it, but go play it. Please, go play it.”

The NFL doesn’t have an issue with players making personal investments within fantasy sites although players are limited in regards to the amount of prize money they can accept if they do play fantasy sports. No NFL player, or NFL employee for that matter, is allowed to accept more than $250 in prize money in any fantasy football game. With that limit in place, perhaps more players will follow Quin’s lead by investing as an alternative way to benefit financially from fantasy sports.

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