Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Add another athlete to the never-ending list of athletes who have been compared to Michael Jordan. However, unlike Adrian Peterson, who recently compared himself to Jordan, or countless of other physical specimens who have been likened to Jordan; this athlete comparison is more about the mental game and evolving as one battles Father Time.

The New York Jets linebackers coach Mike Caldwell recently said Tom Brady has evoked memories of Jordan in the way he has adjusted as he has aged. Here is what Caldwell told the NY Daily News:

“When Jordan was up there in age, he was still one of the best in the league. Jordan developed a post-up game. So you can always add something. This year, (Brady’s) getting the ball out quicker. He’s scrambling just enough. He’s stepping up in the pocket. He’s 38, but his game’s evolving just like Jordan. When you can’t jump and dunk anymore, you find another way. And that way is going to be just as successful if you put the time in.”

While Caldwell, who was actually drafted by Bill Belichick with the Browns in 1993, offers praise to Brady; I think the comparison is a little off as Brady’s athleticism has never been a part of his game. He’s never had to modify his game due to a decline in athleticism because, frankly, he didn’t have much athleticism to begin with unlike someone like Michael Vick or an aging running back/receiver would have to deal with. Perhaps a more appropriate comparison would be to someone like Tim Duncan or Dirk Nowitzki but, regardless, it’s obvious Caldwell holds Brady in the highest esteem.

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