Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

Speculation has run rampant for quite some time that a Space Jam sequel could be made at some point in the near future and that it would star LeBron James and a collection of current NBA stars. While most fans of the movie might be on board with the idea, at least one of the original cast members isn’t feeling it.

Muggsy Bogues, who co-starred in the original alongside fellow NBA players Charles Barkley, Shawn Bradley, Larry Johnson and Patrick Ewing, spoke to USA Today’s For The Win and said of a possible sequel, “Sometimes I think it’s just best to leave it alone.”

From FTW:

“I can’t see them making another one, it wouldn’t have the same appeal,” Bogues said. “It just wouldn’t have that same flavor, it just doesn’t have that same flavor to it. And I know Michael wouldn’t do the sequel, so I don’t know how they would do it.”

Even though Bogues doesn’t like the idea, the public is still craving a sequel. That and LeBron’s acting career seems to be gathering some momentum thanks to his role in the movie Trainwreck. 

Plus, Space Jam is still the highest grossing basketball movie of all time. If that’s not just cause to make a sequel I don’t know what is.

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