By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

The NFL continues its international series of games this weekend with the first ever exclusive live streamed game between the Bills and Jaguars.  Next week, the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions will make the trip to London to play before the crowd in Wembley.  That match-up doesn’t look like the most appealing in the world considering the two teams go into this weekend with a combined record of 2-10 this season.

In order to attempt to draw some more interest from their fans, the Chiefs have come up with a brilliant strategy. They’re going to be giving out free beer.

According to, the Chiefs will be taking over a pub in Trafalgar Square on Friday the 30th and handing out free beer to ticket holders of the game. Chiefs president Mark Donovan explained the strategy to ESPN yesterday.

“The idea is if you’re coming to London, whether you came in on a train from Manchester where you live or whether you came over on a flight or whether you came in from Germany because it’s easier to get to London than Kansas City, you came to support the Chiefs and we want to buy you a beer.”

With the way the two teams have been playing this season, it might be necessary to have a couple of free beers just to watch the game.

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