Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

There were two big targeting penalties that occurred in college football games on Saturday and both received a lot of public outrage. During the Louisville-Florida State game, Louisville linebacker Keith Brown was penalized, ejected, and suspended for the first half of the next game all for one targeting penalty (a bit excessive, NCAA?). Ray Lewis just happened to be watching the game and saw the play in question. He then took to Twitter to express his displeasure in both the penalty itself and the ejection:

While most fans would agree with the sentiment of Lewis, calling this a ‘tragedy’ is a bit much.

Later in the day, there was another targeting penalty; this time on Michigan linebacker Joe Bolden. With this being MSU-Michigan, there were obviously more eyes on the game than the Louisville-FSU game; thus, there was no shortage of opinions from current and former players on the penalty:

Even a former Spartan disagreed with the play:

Zeke Elliott even took time from his pre-game sit-up routine to express his thoughts on the play without the use of words:

I understand the intent of the NCAA with this rule but the ejection/suspension is something they should consider eliminating. Just give them the 15 yards and that’s it. It’s hard enough for defenses as it is; they don’t need to have this rule in the back of their minds when trying to make a play.

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