Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

It was just a matter of time before Brandon Armstrong AKA The Basketball Impersonator zeroed in on Kevin Garnett. There’s just too many “KG-isms” to pass up on this opportunity. There’s the headbutting the stanchions, there’s the scowls and chest-slapping, and of course, the mean-mugging.

The faux-goaltending during a stoppage of play was a must-include as well. Also, a nice mention of the 7’1″ Garnett saying he’s really 6’13”. (Even Shaq admitted that KG was taller than him).

All that was missing was Armstrong taking a rookie’s cellphone and throwing it in the toilet…because apparently that actually happened.

The real KG will be suiting up for his 21st NBA season and will turn 40 next May.

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