Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Everyone knows that kids have no filters. Because of that, what they say can create either adorable or awkward moments and five-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is no different. The son of the soccer star is a part of his father’s upcoming documentary and created both an adorable, and awkward, moment with his grandmother.

Ronaldo Jr. wanted to know how many FIFA Player of the Year Awards Lionel Messi had won while Grandma only wanted to mention the accomplishments of her son:


In case you’re wondering, Messi has won four Player of the Year/Ballon D’or awards while Ronaldo has won three. But Grandma is quick to drop in that Ronaldo also has four Golden Boots (top goalscorer) across England and Spain. The only thing that would have made this clip even better would have been Ronaldo’s presence and the look on his face at his son rattling off the stats of his biggest rival.

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