Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Have you ever been playing ball and your teammate makes such an egregious error that you just wanted to slap him? Well, if the circumstances are right, you can in NBA 2K16.

Props to Quincy Acy of the Sacramento Kings for finding this glitch and uploading it to his Instagram account. Acy was playing with his Kings on the game vs. the Pelicans when Alexis Ajinca fouled a Kings player. Ajinca then went up to teammate Ryan Anderson and appeared to slap him. Anderson even appears to react to the slap in a way that one would normally react to a slap. See for yourself:

Acy also provided the perfect caption: “I guess he shoulda had help side”

I can’t tell what situation Ajinca’s actions would normally fit into the game. Is he supposed to be giving a high five to a teammate? Is he stretching his arm out to attempt to block a shot? Or is he really just trying to slap somebody?

I’m praying for the latter but I’ll wait for the good folks at 2K Sports to explain this one.

Meanwhile, I’m sure there is someone out there trying to make ‘art imitate life’ by replicating this glitch with a certain Grizzlies forward and a certain Knicks head coach.

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