Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

You could almost predict this would happen…

Shortly after Chase Utley literally took out Ruben Tejada on a slide at second base, a Mets fan started an online petition to have Utley suspended. The name of the petition is simply, “Suspend Chase Utley” and is being petitioned to Rob Manfred.

In the summary of the petition, the fan mentions that Utley has a reputation as a dirty player and thinks this play is a bad example to set for kids on how to play the game. The fan also includes tweets from Pedro Martinez and Justin Upton who both expressed their displeasure with Utley’s slide. As of Sunday afternoon the petition has reached over 7400 online signatures. While MLB may consider suspending Utley, this ‘petition’ won’t have any factor in their decision.

However, that wasn’t the only petition started by a Mets fan as another one wants even further measures taken. This fans wants Game 2 of the NLDS to be replayed based off Utley’s interference. He is petitioning Major League Baseball but hasn’t garnered quite the support of the above petition as “Replay Game 2 of the NLDS” only has 8 signatures as of writing.

While we can dismiss the second petition, Joe Torre will consider disciplinary action for Utley. After the game Torre did say he will look more deeply into the play and see if it warrants discipline:

”I’d hate to think that Utley tried to hurt somebody. It certainly was late. That concerns me. The lateness of the slide … I’m looking at it to see if anything should be done. I am still in charge of determining if the slide was an over-the-top type of thing. I have to determine if I thought it was excessive. As I said, the late slide is probably the only thing in question right now.”

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