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At 37 years old and in his 20th NBA season, Kobe Bryant has just about done it all and won it all. At 22 years old and in his second NBA season, Rodney Hood can’t claim either of those. The two hooked up in a preseason game in Hawaii AKA the game in which Trevor Booker slapped Roy Hibbert. Apart from that incident, there was apparently an interesting in-game exchange between Bryant and Hood. After the game Hood said Bryant basically gave him his resume and explained the reasons why he can do what he does while Hood hasn’t quite earned that right yet:

Utah’s head coach, and former Lakers’ assistant, Quin Snyder, then weighed in:

It’s got to be weird for players like Hood and others at his age to be facing guys like Kobe, Duncan, KG, etc. that were these youngsters idols growing up. Imagine going up against a player whom you had a poster of on your wall as a kid. But props for Hood for not being intimidated by one of the most notorious trash talkers in NBA history.

As for Bryant’s resume, here is a small sample:

  • 17x NBA All-Star (second most ever)
  • 12x All-Defensive team (tied for most ever)
  • 32,482 points (third most ever)
  • 5x NBA champion
  • 2x NBA Finals MVP


And Rodney Hood’s resume?

  • SEC All-Freshman team
  • Second team All-ACC
  • April 2015 NBA rookie of the month


Advantage: Bryant

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