Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

David Murphy of the Mets isn’t known as power hitter with his career high in home runs being the 14 he hit this season. However, the Mets infielder displayed some strength with his solo homer off Clayton Kershaw in Game One of the NLDS. According to, the ball had an exit velocity (speed off the bat) of almost 105 MPH and an estimated distance of 415 feet.

The ball landed in the Mets bullpen and was then given to team officials. When they saw the ball they noticed something peculiar about it: it appeared to have some writing on it. It turns out that the writing is actually “Daniel” and his name ended up on the ball from the sheer force that his bat (which has his name inscribed on it) made with the ball. Evidence below:

You can clearly see “DANIEL” going across the seams of the ball. The bat had to have made perfect contact with the ball for this to happen. Just imagine what someone like Giancarlo Stanton or Bryce Harper could leave on a ball if they connected like that. That ball might be left with the player’s name, the bat’s maker, model, and any other inscriptions on the bat itself.

Murphy and the Mets fans will be looking for an encore in Game 2 tonight as they face Zack Greinke.

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