Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Apart from being a $200 million-Adidas man, James Harden also endorses Foot Locker. You may have seen some of his Foot Locker videos centered around the Week of Greatness that aired last year. Well, Harden is back at it again but this time he is responding to challengers issued by Twitter users.

In this challenge Harden takes on ESPN personality Kenny Mayne in a game of one-on-one. But in this game Harden only plays defense (insert joke here) as Mayne is the one tasked with scoring over the MVP runner-up. If Mayne scores then 200 lb of spaghetti will be dumped on Harden’s head and beard. But if Mayne doesn’t score then he is the one who gets the spaghetti shower:

Kenny, you’ve got to at least get rim. He threw up two airballs and, thus, lost the challenge. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing Kenny Mayne from SportsCenter with spaghetti on his head, what is wrong with you, there you go.

Click here to see more footage of Harden responding to Twitter challengers. Or better yet, tweet a challenge to Foot Locker with the hashtag: #PlayMyTweet and you may see Harden tackle one of your challenges.

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