Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

“We’re on to Cincinnati” was the infamous quote from Bill Belichick after his team’s humiliating loss on MNF vs. the Chiefs last year. Jim Caldwell isn’t using those exact words, but it’s clear that he wants the entire organization to focus on their next game instead of dwelling on the controversial ending of their MNF loss to the Seahawks.

Unfortunately for Caldwell, Matt Stafford’s wife, Kelly, doesn’t fall under his jurisdiction and she has spoken, well texted, her mind on the situation. Below is a screenshot of a text conversation between Kelly and Matt that she uploaded, and then deleted, from her Instagram account:

Boom! Kelly just said what so many in Detroit want anyone from the Lions to say. By the way, the cleat fine Matt was referring to was because he wore all blue cleats in the game instead of the league-mandated black, white, or pink cleats.

Up to this point the most we’ve heard out of the Lions is Jim Caldwell saying, “Don’t think Mrs. Ford is not upset” referring to Martha Firestone Ford, the owner of the Lions. The Ford family has owned the Lions since 1963 and they’ve seen just about every possible call go against them at some point. Mrs. Ford was in New York this past week attending league (LA) meetings and she supposedly gave someone a piece of her mind.

So we have an upset Mrs. Ford, an upset Mrs. Stafford, and a bunch of players and coaches who are “On to Arizona”, the Lions’ next opponent.

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