Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

With the Comedy Central show Key & Peele officially over, star Keegan-Michael Key has some free time on his hands. Key, who received his Master of Fine Arts from Penn State, decided to take a trip back to his alma mater and he ran into someone who has an uncanny resemblance to him: football coach James Franklin.

The two then decided that since Key looks so much like Franklin, why doesn’t he just impersonate the coach in a team meeting? The comedian then donned the coach’s signature gear and attempted to fool the PSU players but as you can see, it took them about 2 seconds to catch on to the joke:

I honestly couldn’t tell who was who when the two were standing together in front of the team at the end. As he mentioned, Key is also on hand to serve as the Grand Marshal for Penn State’s homecoming game vs. Indiana on Saturday. Coach Franklin will need to get his team as hyped as Key did in order to slow down the Big Ten’s number one-ranked offense in the Hoosiers.

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