By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

Monday Night Football between the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions came to a controversial end last night after Kam Chancellor punched the ball loose from Lions WR Calvin Johnson as he stretched the ball out towards the end zone. As the ball was loose and bouncing in the end zone, Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright appeared to bat the ball over the back line and out of play.  If you missed the play, here it is.

The officials came to the conclusion that Wright didn’t intentionally bat the ball out of bounds which meant that it was Seahawks ball and they were able to run out the clock.  After the game, Wright was asked about the play and admitted that he did intentionally hit the ball out of the end zone.

Direct quotes coming from Bob Condotta’s post-game piece in The Seattle Times

As reporters waited afterward to talk to Wright, Carroll pulled him away briefly and explained the rule and what he should do next time. As he did, Michael Bennett yelled “Smart-ass play, K.J.”

Wright, though, said next time he’ll handle it differently.

 ’“I’ve got to just catch the ball next time instead of illegally batting it,” he said.

Wright said he didn’t want to jump on the ball for fear of it squirting away.

“I didn’t want to try and catch it and fumble it,’’ he said.

By NFL rule, a ball intentionally batted out of the end zone by either team results in a 10 yard penalty. If that rule had been enforced last night, the Lions would have had the ball on the goal line with a chance to win the game. The NFL and Dean Blandino have since admitted that the wrong call was made and it should have been Lions football.

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